Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Club Projects and a Tutorial

Hello there...
It's boiling hot here and I'm not a fan... I don't venture out till after the sun has gone down. Mind you I only have to see the sun and I get a tan, so that's fortunate.

So... I've been working on more projects for Thursday Club and thought I'd share them with you 
First up a card

Plenty of bits for them to stick and keep them occupied ... I cut and coloured 100 fish! I even printed a blue water effect on the acetate before cutting it.

For their second project of the evening I did another free standing light up creation to go with the lighthouses that they made - It could also be wall hung if you wanted just by adding some ribbon or string to the back.


These are so easy to make but a little time consuming when you have to prepare 25 plus your sample
You can use any graphic you like but for speed I printed a card I made awhile ago to use for the BG. 

In case you want to make one of these here's how I did it

1. Take a piece of A4 card and cut it in half lengthways  - You can make 2 from one piece of A4. For my American friends you can do the same with your size cardstock... It will be slightly wider

2. Using just one of your lengths... score at ¾", 2 ¾, 3½, 5½ See below

3. Crease and fold all the score lines to make the base box and secure your candle in making sure the flame pokes out the top circle and you have access to the switch on the bottom throught the other circle.
4. Adhere the 1st fold to the upright with strong tape and attach your photo/graphic to the upright... Decorate as you wish.
If you make one I'd love to see it so let me know

Ok, that's it for now... I hope to catch up with you all soon

Have a great day

~ Ros ~