Sunday, March 21, 2021

Slider Shaker & Shaker

 Hello there, I hope this finds you well

I've a couple of cards for you today, first a slider / shaker card I made for one of hubby grandsons last week

I wanted to make something fun for his birthday and couldn't decide between a shaker and a slider so I combined the two

As the tag is pulled, up pops this guy

The octopus is sparkly and glossy but I think maybe I should have used a brighter colour, either way he enjoyed it and I had fun making it.

And following the sketched and painted girls in my last post... I also have one I turned into a shaker

Acetate cards are always so hard to photograph!

I'm getting a few Easter cards done at the moment... I can't believe how fast Easter has come around this year!

As far as my world goes, there's been good news and bad news this week... The bad news
A couple of weeks ago my brother fell whilst cleaning his conservatory roof (not recommended when in your 70's) He thought he'd just sprained his ankle and hobbled around for a few days until his leg began to swell and had to go to hospital. He was told he's broken his fibula, no big deal they said and just put it in a cast. Cutting a long story short things got worse and after several hospital visits and 2 changes of plaster casts, he finally got to see a doctor and it turned out his knee was also broken and has to have surgery this week.
As for the good news, my GP gave me a prescription for my RLS. I've been struggling every night with this dreaded complaint and have had many sleepless nights. Well I'm thrilled to say that the tablets worked and I've had 2 nights of undisturbed sleep! Oh I can't tell you how happy I am.

Have a beautiful day friends and stay well
~ Ros ~