Saturday, November 23, 2019

Watercolour Christmas Cards

Hello there...
 The will to make cards has been sorely lacking lately and I really need to add to my meagre Christmas card collection...sigh
A while back I got 3 new stamps by Studio Light, I just liked the look of them but when it came to using them I drew a blank. So I stamped and white embossed 4 cards and then using only one shade of blue paint I ended up with these artsy cards

I added some embellishments and a bit of sparkle that were all left over from last year

The little hearts you can see on the card above are the pieces that came out of the SS snowflake

As always I use ordinary card to paint on... I prefer it to watercolour card simply because it's brighter. 
Some of you have asked which cardstock I use - I always buy it from the same place at Ebay UK. It's a lovely card weight (300gsm) so it allows me to watercolour quite well. I get the smooth white A4 and at £8.99 for 100 sheets it's good value. It's always perfectly packaged and arrives the next day. If you are interested here's a Link.
Making these did help get my mojo back and I made 9 non watercolour cards yesterday which I'll share in the coming week - Till then have a beautiful weekend

~ Ros ~