Monday, April 20, 2020

Lala Land Residents

Hello... How are you all doing?

Fancy a walk in Lala Land with me? I found some old friends had moved there too
Remember this sweetie?

(Yes.. I pulled out a couple of neglected stamps) He now lives in Lala Land on Mrs Trimble's farm and is happy as can be, plenty of sunshine and plenty of grass

And I also came across the twins (aka The chicks)

Personality wise, the chicks couldn't be more different, Lulu here likes to stay close to home

Whilst Lily is adventurous and often wanders around the fairy woods

She's fascinated by the little people who live here

Do you feel better now? 

Before I leave you I wanted to tell you about something weird and wonderful that's appeared in my garden. There's no doubt that the air is cleaner since lock down and the garden is blooming. Mr. C has taken to weeding the garden to keep him occupied but unfortunately he doesn't know a weed from a flower so I keep a keen eye on him when I can and sad to say I've lost a lot of things he thought were weeds... Anyway, I noticed something trailing down from a dogwood bush yesterday... Now I'm not marvellous when it comes to naming plants but I'm pretty sure this is a variety of clematis that suddenly appeared

There are definitely no roots on my side of the fence so I can only assume it's come from the wooded area behind us...

...And it's in abundance! Really difficult to photograph though

Can you see all those buds? It seems to have just happened over 2 days... Weird but pretty wonderful

Okay, I'm guessing you need a cup of coffee now, I do

Take care and be safe

~ Ros ~