Monday, January 29, 2018

An Unusual Request

Good afternoon everyone...
This is quite an unusual request but I need your help... As you know I have received many cards and gifts over the past few weeks for both my birthday and following my operation.
Today it came to light that last week our mail man put a package for me in our bin as he didn't get an answer from our door. A strange thing as we were all in the house and even so, we have a postbox on the side of our house.
Well, the thing is , the bin collectors came that same morning and the package would have been  taken away with the trash... 
As none of us had ordered anything, or were expecting a delivery, we can only guess that someone sent me a package as a surprise so I am checking to see if any of you lovely blog friends did send something that I haven't as yet acknowledged? 
I'm so upset that this happened but I would be really grateful is any of you sent something and could email me or contact me to let me know....
Many thanks
~ Ros ~