Sunday, January 10, 2016


Hello and Good morning!

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I have chosen the prompt Favourite -Because we all have them don't we? 
Whether it's your favourite season like Spring

When everything bursts into life and birds are nesting, or your favourite bird for that matter...

It could be a favourite memory, photo or place

...Or your favourite people and pets to hang out with

Yeh, I know I've shown this photo before but it is my favourite

Perhaps you have a favourite mod of transport

Or how about a favourite colour

Funny thing about colour ... When someone asks what your favourite colour is, you may answer red, blue, green etc., Me? I like shades of blues, greens and aquas yet do I wear those colours? Not really... would I dye my hair those colours? Erm... NO! Would I paint all my walls in those colours ... probably not. So I guess it depends on the context.

Why not share some of your favourites with us at

Our Beautiful World

We'd love to see them

Enjoy your day

~ Ros ~