Saturday, August 24, 2013

Three French Hens And A Table

Hello there!

Well I don't know about you but my friday very hectic .... But before I get into that ... Would you like to see a couple of things I've been working on?

As far as card making goes ... my mojo has run off somewhere so I've been turning my hand back to home decor - Ever since my sweet friend Anitra mention Water Slide paper to me (hadn't a clue what it was) I've been desperate to try it ... Getting stuff like that is not easy here in the UK but fortunately I found some on the internet along with the necessary Krylon lacquer ...

I saw a cute little table at the flea market and the guy let me have it for £2 Perfect!! Ok, it needed a good clean and I forgot to take a photo before hand ... so eager was I to get going ... But several coats of paint and a good few hours later ... this is the result

... And I'm thrilled with it - even though I did botch a little of the decal

This little table folds each side so it is only about 3" wide .. so cute!

Well I couldn't stop there ... I have just finished another table which I will post another time but I also wanted to show you how I transformed my little hen house egg holder ... Again I'm sorry I forgot to photograph it before ... Just trust me that I've had this about 14 years and it was looking shabby 

Ta da!! The digital images are from Etsy (the hens) and The Graphics Fairy (postmarks)

The thing I love is the roof ... ever since the lovely and uber talented Mona Pendleton posted her gorgeous creations using a Tim Holtz embossing folder and some Ranger foil sheets I fell hook line and sinker and ordered them

I love the effect!

If you're thinking of giving water slide paper a go ... head on over to The Polka Dot Closet and take look at some of the wonderful things Carol makes ... This lady is amazing!

So my day - I was expecting a friend around lunch time which was fine as we were expecting people to come and clean the gutters in the morning (when DH would be here).

The gutter people didn't arrive so DH took himself out for the day ... then my friend arrived whilst I was painting and so did the guys to do the gutters!
My friend and 6 other people are each making a fabric letter to spell out a pretty WELCOME banner for the cancer clinic at our city hospital ... my friend (an artist in her own right) does not sew and needed my help ...
In the course of trying to adorn her letter "L" the phone rang countless times, the doorbell rang countless times ... and the workmen kept interrupting for something ... Then my Aunt got into difficulty with her online shopping orders ... my SIL wanted to chat ... and so it went until about 8pm. I was so glad to get to bed last night - my head was spinning!

I'm hoping for a more peaceful weekend ... the football season has started and DH will be off to the match later this morning ...

Have yourselves a lovely weekend ...

Thanks for looking in on me 

Till soon

~ Ros ~