Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter cards


I have a couple of Easter cards to share today... It's a sunny and bright Good Friday here and though I'm not overly religious, I have my beliefs, but Good Friday always pulls at my heart strings more than any other time... The cruelness against another individual who did no wrong always haunts me.

Anyway, on to my cards... 
The first one is just inking through a stencil and a simple embossed dafodil

I adore daffodils and have them  both in the garden and in the house and everywhere we go at this time of year they are in abundance

And the second one is a little more ornate...

Again I have used up some odd bits of previously created BGs to stamp and cut my flowers

See that little lamb?Well actually it's a deer from a memory box die but it looks like a lamb right?

We're just having a quiet Easter, we've had so many hospital appointments lately it's a good job we are retired or we couldn't fit them in Lol!
I am having another scan next week on my spine, that should tell me why I'm struggling a bit but it seems I also have mild scoliosis which I was not aware of... Heck, no wonder I seem to be getting shorter... 

Before I go I just want to thank the team over at CAS Watercolour for a shout out... I can't believe that the painting I almost ditched actually got me an outstanding design award, I'm thrilled!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter and life is good to you

Till soon

~ Ros ~