Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Hello there...

It's seems ages since I posted and it's certainly been ages since I did any papercrafting... I hope to rectify that today when Pat visits. With all that has been taking up my time I haven't had chance to get together with Pat so I'm looking forward to an afternoon of crafting. 
Thank you so much for your well wishes for my husband and my Aunt... I spent yesterday at the hospital with my DH and I am so happy to report that whilst they did find a rather large growth, it is benign.... YAY!
As for my Aunt, well things seems to have settled down and she is expected here on Friday (fingers crossed)... I have made so many plans that had to be cancelled time and time again, my brother and I are slowly losing the plot Lol!

So all I have to share today is my little daffodil girl... 

Crocheting has kept me sane as my sciaitica doesn't allow me time to sit for long on a hard chair, at least I can keep occupied on the couch

 ...And I love creating these dolls and learning as I go

Here are the two girls, Bluebell and Daffodil together 

 I hope to have some cards to share with you soon... Until then I'll enjoy seeing yours

Have a wonderful day and take care

~ Ros ~