Friday, February 08, 2013

Cats Dogs & Hearts

Happy Friday!
You'd think that now I am retired from going out to work Friday's wouldn't matter ... but old habits die hard as they say ... I still love Friday - knowing that the weekend is just around the corner ...
I became a single mum when Mikey was just 8 years old ... Friday was the last day of work ... when I would collect my wage packet and look forward to 2 whole days with my son ... School was forgotten once the homework was done and every Saturday Mikey and I would take a train ride to spend the day looking around the shops ... having lunch together which was usually pizza and a coke float for Mikey.
In the evening we would cuddle together on the settee and watch his chosen video with a bowl of crisps ... some sweets and soft drinks ... Doesn't sound very health food wise ... but it was only on a Saturday.
Those days have long gone ... but the memories will always remain ....

Last night my Thursday group got to assemble some Valentine cards ... Funny thing ... because I have quite a few men in the group I did one of the cards quite girlie

Pink digital papers by Jen Allyson  and a pretty heart from Iralamija shop
... and two others that were more neutral

Thanks to the Cameo

Would you believe that the guys first choice was the pink one? Lol!
Though they all loved the cats and dogs and lots of cards were made ... not all looked like mine but they did have the same elements ... just placed upside down or in a more artistic way ...
They also decorated all the envelopes ... something like this

The main things was that they were all happy ... they lost another of their friends which initially made them very sad ... but they are resilient and lots of their cards were made with their lost friend in mind ...
I wanted to mention about the sentiment font on my cards ... a  freebie from The Graphics Fairy ... there are a few to download and they are really lovely ... thanks Karen!

Have a wonderful Friday and I hope your weekend is a good one

Till soon

~ Ros ~