Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I'm Back...

I'm so happy to finally be able post today ...
Thank you so much for all your cards, emails and well wishes... My surgery is over and so far it has been a great success. I no longer have that debilitating leg pain and joint pains and I am completely mobile. In fact I was walking up and down the stairs the day after my surgery. 
Mikey and Ian have been terrific, I was in theatre and recovery for a total of 7 hours so it was a great relief for them to see me for a brief time before they had to leave. It wasn't all plain sailing but I got to go home 3 days later and boy, was I glad to be home. Ginger cat licked my face all over and never left my side for the following few days.
I'm not going to say that I am totally pain free, everything needs to settle over time but I am so grateful for the skill of the surgeon and to be on the road to recovery at long last. I have a diary full of hospital appointments along with some physiotherapy so I am being well monitored.

I do have a little card to share with you ... A friend of mine underwent surgery some months ago and having lost her legs many years ago to meningitis, recovery is always a long process for her. She doesn't have the same circulation as people with limbs plus she encountered some organ damage at the same time she lost her legs making it even harder so this is a card I made for her

She is the most amazing lady and a doctor too and I can't wait until we are able to see each other  again

I used a stencil for the BG and a mix of different stamps plus a cloud border.

Pat is popping over shortly so I'll say bye bye for now and hope to visit you all soon ... I'm really looking forward to seeing what I've missed!

Take care my friends and have a beautiful day


~ Ros ~