Sunday, January 13, 2013


... That's how my evening was last night 
I had a wonderful birthday shared with old friends and family ...We laughed over old times ... Ate delicious food ... Drank a little too much and I didn't want the evening to end.

Today I managed to get some craft time in and have a little card to share with you ... I promised myself that from now on I need to use something from my "bits" box on everything I create ... you know the box I mean ... the one that holds all your bits of unused paper ... the dies cuts you didn't use ... the stamping you were trying out etc., 
So the cards that I will be sharing in the future will have  should have ... something from that ever full box ...

This is a card I made for a friends hubby who I discovered has his birthday on the same day as me ... Ok, so it will be late ... but it will also be a surprise as he certainly wont be expecting it

Everything I used here ... (with the exception of that sweet metal butterfly - a gift from my friend Linda) was from my "bits" box ...

Now I have quite a lot of  "Thank You" cards to make ... my family and friends have been so generous with their cards and gifts

I'll be back with you soon ...

Have a beautiful day/evening and thanks for stopping by

~ Ros ~