Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Groningen, The Netherlands

Hello there...

I said I would share some photos of our trip to The Netherlands to visit my dear friend Stella and her family last month... I know some of you won't be interested so feel free to move on as there are a lot of photos even though I've narrowed them down...
I'm not sure what I expected having never been to The Netherlands but I loved it and look forward to going back sometime soon.

So on arrival, Stella met us at the airport and we took a train a couple of stops to meet her lovely husband Marcel who drove us to see one of Stella's sisters, Jacqueline and her husband Fritz

 Such lovely people and it was like meeting family... It was late and a long drive to our hotel across a huge dyke! It took 2 hours and we were ready for bed when we finally arrived.
Over the next few days Stella and her husband Marcel took us to so many places but first was Groningen Railway Station, which I absolutely  fell in love with.... It was like I had been there before somewhere in time

It had a gorgeous coffee place and I could just image meeting up here on a regular basis with friends... From here you can take a train and be in Paris in around 9 hours or a short trip will take you to Germany... Oh boy, I would love to do that next time

We visited the huge University bulildings... Like a city on their own and everywhere were canals and people on bicycles... In the afternoon Marcel and Martijn took my husband to a football match

Whilst Stella and I relaxed in her lovely garden... Yep, it did rain but it was warm

We dined out that evening and got ready for a full day ahead on Sunday...
This lovely guy drove us just about everywhere!

We had wonderful food and plenty of coffee stops

Over a couple of days we saw the most amazing buildings and pretty little houses with beautiful gardens

...Many of which had a little bridge over the canal to the front door

Got to love the little gate halfway across the bridge!

There were quaint shops with crocheted goods and of course lots of tulips

The inside of a house in this tourist spot was just as it had been many years ago... All the old fashioned goods on display

We saw windmills...

And yes it was windy Lol!

A large Flea market...

And more bicycles...
Took coffee beside the dyke

We even saw storks nesting

So there is a little insight to our trip and to The Netherlands - We had an amazing time and a huge Thank you to Stella and Marcel for making it magical!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos

Till soon

~ Ros ~