Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New Home(s)

Hello... How was your weekend?
We picked up hubby's new car on Friday and so far so good... We both love it and more importantly... No more trips to car dealerships!

I had to make 3 New Home cards last week... I usually only have to make maybe 1 a year of these type cards so I decided to keep them more or less pretty similar

Here's the first one... For a friend of my husband

The letters were cut on my Cameo and it was just easier to cut 3 lots and do some ink blending

This is the second one

Where the first card has a raised front, this one is flat as it's going across the pond to a blog friend 

And the third card

For my friend who lost her husband earlier this year and is making a new start with her two sons

 I've started to crochet again and made a few pairs of slippers. Funny, but after I lost my Aunt I just couldn't get into crocheting... It's something we started together and I had no mind for it but I'm settling into it now. I'll never be that great at it but it's just something to do in the evenings.

Ok... That's it for now - Enjoy your day

Till soon

~ Ros ~