Monday, August 16, 2021

A Camel load of Wishes

 Hello friends...I hope you are well.

It's been a busy week here and though work has been completed in the garden, it's been too cold (or wet) to sit and enjoy it.

We did go to our friends' celebration but it got so cold we left pretty early. It was good to see old friends and catch up and then we discovered that our friend's daughter tested positive for Covid the next day... Yikes! Fortunately we didn't have any close  contact - we were with the "oldies"and we've both since tested negative but will continue to test (just in case). Thankfully the new rules say we don't have to self isolate as we are double vaccinated, not that we have much contact with others anyway and still continue to mask up if we need to go out. Fingers crossed we will all be okay.

The good news is the reason for today's card.
My great nephew Ross  passed his 'A' Levels with 2 B's and a C. I am over the moon! You may remember that he has Moebius syndrome but his many disabilities have never held him back - his Dad would have been so very proud of him. 
I pondered over what to make and maybe it's a bit unusual but here we go...

I saw a camel on a free colouring page and it just appealed to me. I took out the background and traced the outline image so I could get to work with my watercolours

I thought it needed a little something else so added a leaf branch, and computer generated the sentiment
I kinda like him.. Does that make me weird? Lol!
Anyway I hope Ross is amused.

Have a peaceful day and thank you for your visit...
Till soon

~ Ros ~