Thursday, December 12, 2013

Prancer and Dancer

Hi there!

I have so much to do today ... grocery shopping is one of them ... I hate grocery shopping!
Especially this time of year ... everywhere is so full of people and you would never think that the shops are closed for just one day ... Christmas Day 
People buy stuff like there is no tomorrow!

I do like going out for a coffee and maybe some gift shopping and last week we went into Warrington ... I like the Cafe Nero ... but I never expected to see these guys there

Real reindeer!

How cute are they ... and so very friendly ...

I know that the photos aren't marvellous but there were quite a few people around trying to see them too

I love those feet!

It was a friends birthday last sunday ... here's a card I made for her

Glittery silver is so hard to photograph, especially in the gloomy light we have these days

Ok, I have to get on ... My sweet group have their Christmas party tonight, I've a few gifts to wrap ... cakes and biscuits to bake etc., etc.,

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by

~ Ros ~