Tuesday, August 10, 2021


 Hello there... I hope you are all well

I haven't been around for awhile, life sometimes gets in the way and the days go so fast. 
Thankfully my friend is out of hospital and is scheduled for surgery at the end of the month so all being well, the 50th celebration will be going ahead this weekend. As it happens it has rained most days and last weekend was particularly bad so here's hoping this weekend will be better.

Today I've a couple of painting to share... I do a lot but never seem to get around to making them into cards, anyways

Sometimes things can get a little stressful, DH relies on me a lot so painting something calm makes me calm

And I never tire of painting little mushrooms or flowers

... I'm always trying to improve on the last ones

I hope you like them

I will endeavour to get around to visiting you all soon... Be safe and enjoy your day

~ Ros ~