Sunday, February 01, 2015

Signs of Spring

Hello and Happy February!!
Is it cold? It sure is here

It's my turn to pick this week's prompt at

The prompt I have picked is kind of wishful thinking it's
Signs of Spring

Nothing says it better than these gorgeous flowers... This is a birthday bouquet that my dear Aunt sent to me and because of the upheaval here I put them in the conservatory ... It's so cold in there that my bouquet is as fresh today as it was when it arrived!

It may be cold but there are signs around that warm my heart and make me look forward to the days to come

Beneath the icy exterior daffodil bulbs are working their magic and the shoots are beginning to appear
I adore Daffodils ... I think they are just so cheerful

It never ceases to amaze me how such delicate things even snowdrops and crocus can force their way through the hardest of soil

It won't be long before these are in bloom and their sunny smile fills the garden ... Here in my part of the UK Daffodils are planted virtually everywhere ... fields of hope for cancer ... even the central reservations and embankments are full of them
And there are other signs too if you care to look

Though the trees look like they are dead and gone ... Spring is stirring, birds are singing and I am counting the days.....

Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~