Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Christmas cards

 Good morning friends...

Through the hustle and bustle of things going on I have found some joy in making Christmas cards. Something I can lose myself in...
In the past week alone both my cats have had to visit the vet... The cost is phenomenal and you all know how worrying it is, and we are not out of the woods yet.
As for me, I've struggled a lot with my spine and legs lately and need to have more scans but following my visit last week with the neuro consultant, he is also referring me to a hand specialist in the hope that maybe they can release some of the trapped nerves and give me some sense of feeling back and maybe a bit more dexterity. Writing, typing and texting is such a nightmare and I can't even pick up a needle never mind thread one. However, there are things I can still do, albeit not as perfectly as I would like so I'm sharing some of my not so perfect cards with you today. 

I love making these, they are just done with DI's and water with a little stamping. Easy for me to do and the blending doesn't have to be perfect

I wish you could see the sparkle ...

I haven't put all the sentiments on yet but I'll get around to it

You know how much I love to do snowmen cards so I drew my snowman, traced it so I could just make a bunch of cards and though they are all the same drawing, each snowman seemed to take on their own personality- These are just some of them

And I drew and painted some foliage ones

Finally for those of you who asked, a little peek at my new kitchen, which still hasn't been finished

Ok that's it for now... It's taken ages to type this

Thanks to all of you who have stuck by me, stay well and enjoy your day

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, November 08, 2022


 Hello friends...

What can I say ? It's been the longest time since I've been able to revisit my blog or any of yours and there has been no crafting at all up until the past weekend when I finally got to reacquaint myself with my watercolours and just forget everything else...

These colours calm me and with all that life has thrown my way lately, I need a little calm

Since my last posting my husband had a stent fitted to unblock the artery in his heart  - He was fine initially but then suffered a few angina attacks. Thankfully he is doing better now and is on a weekly rehab program which focuses on trying to instill a fitness routine for him but quite frankly he hates exercise and is counting the weeks till the course finishes. Unfortunately he is struggling more and more with day to day things now especially remembering and dealing with well, anything really, so everything has fallen on my shoulders.

There has been so much upheaval, the driveway being relaid, the kitchen being remodelled, leaving me physically and mentally exhausted and at times overwhelmed. The kitchen still isn't quite finished (I'll share photos when it is) but it is looking good.. The decorator let us down and now won't be here until the end of the month. I've organised all the wallcoverings, paints and flooring and dealt with all the problems along the way as well as explaining things over and over again to DH. 
So hectic have things been that I confess I even had to visit the local card shop for birthday cards... I KNOW! How bad is that.. But I did get around to making a card this morning for my friend who celebtrates her birthday on Friday and I'm hoping that I'll be able to go visit her if only for an hour.

I'm sorry the photos aren't the best and I should explain that whilst the DP is really pretty, The branches and foliage were bare so I painted leaves, berries, tiny flowers and added another painted flower and leaf.

I've also started making a few simple Christmas cards. You know when you buy a pack of DP and there are always those odd sheets that you really don't care for? Well I am using the reverse (white) side to stamp and paint on. I hope my cards arrive this year, we've been plagued with strikes by Royal Mail for awhile now so who knows.

I wish you all a lovely day and even if I don't get around to visiting, know that I think of you all often, it's just that things change and some things are out of our control.

Till whenever

~ Ros ~