Thursday, February 14, 2019

Birthday Boy

Hello everyone...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

What a hectic time we're having here...It was DH's 75th Birthday on Tuesday  (Heck I can't believe my hubby is 75!)
On the same day his best friend was rushed into hospital, then my brother took ill. Just to make matters worse hubby's doctor asked to see him as he thinks he may have something called MGUS... No, I'd never heard of it either - It's to do with his blood but it will be awhile before we get to know as the NHS is in dire straights here so appointments are few and far between....
Lots of other not so good things also happened but somehow we still managed to celebrate DH's birthday after I convinced him that no one was going to die. He's very much a panicker.
Anyway I thought I'd share a card I made for hubby together with an exploding box

Quite a simple card really... But I was all out of inspiration
Here's the little box I put together

... With one floppy balloon that refuses to stand up Lol!

At least the cake looks good! Except it's a fake cake haha! Hubby is not much of a cake eater - He prefers pastries and pies 

We've no plans for today and I'm hoping things settle down, I could do with a peaceful day...
I hope yours is peaceful too filled with love 

~ Ros ~