Thursday, May 20, 2021

Birthday Boys

 Hello friends, how are you doing?

I've had a couple of old ailments come back to visit this week and the prescription I have for my legs seems to becoming less and less effective... It's unfortunate that seeing a doctor or even trying to book a telephone consult is so difficult during these times but not much we can do about it.

We also went to the eye hospital for my husband's check up following the laser treatment done a few weeks back to relieve the pressure but sadly it hasn't worked. He has a month of drops and if that doesn't help it will be surgery again...

Anyway, we stay ever hopeful


This month my eldest brother celebrates his birthday along with my friends' husband so today I'm sharing the cards I made for them.

First up is a funny I made for my brother

 I used my own Tig and Mo drawings and painted them along with the balloons

The speech bubbles and text I did on the computer and you can probably make out a little stenciling in the background... Inside the card I printed this

And for our friend Charlie, I made a card featuring his favourite tipple

The background is stenciled, paint splattered and splashed with water which I blew around

The images were free digitals which I first printed on vellum,  adhered them to a piece of card and then fussy cut.

I recently bought a new printer, I've always used a Canon printer but the last one I had was awful. Due to many people working from home and deliveries not being met, printers have been difficult to get but I did eventually get another 'newer' version Canon and I am very pleased with it. The problem I find now is that everything is so technical... I don't need half the features, same with the mobile phone so I'm paying for stuff I'll never use let alone even understand Lol!

Anyways, thanks so much for popping in, I hope to catch up with you all soon  

Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~