Saturday, May 16, 2020

Cracked Pots

Hello there...How has your week been? 

Here in the UK many people are in total confusion over the eased restrictions of lock down. I for one will not be taking any chances... We have been going out for necessities but now we are under the NHS shielding so we can finally get deliveries of our groceries.
I am still amazed at the many people who are not taking this seriously and worse, risking their babies and young children the way they are but enough said, it makes me so sad to see.

However, my post title doesn't refer to them Lol! It refers to a couple of my paintings... I actually have made some birthday cards this week but the weather is not conducive to photographing right now so I am sharing these instead

I'm not a fan of snails, but this one I call snail house - Those broken pots have to come in useful for something 

We are constantly visited by squirrels here and they are so cheeky as well as noisy but what really is annoying is that they keep on tossing out the planters to bury nuts. Maybe I had that in mind when I did this one

And finally, I spotted the guy that my cat Missy has been chasing for weeks

I know I'm very good at sketching mice but I didn't have a stamp and wanted to just throw this in there 

Be safe my friends and thanks so much for sharing your lovely creations to brighten my day... Thanks so much for your visit

Till soon

~ Ros ~