Sunday, December 08, 2013


The word prompt this week at Our Beautiful World is 

... chosen for us by Wendy

Stillness is something I learned a lot about in the years I studied Practical Philosophy ... to let the mind fall still ... to connect instead with sound, sight, the universe and oneself
It takes practice but it can work wonders ... It can dissipate all anxiety

For even on the roughest oceans ... just below the surface of crashing waves ... there is always Stillness

After the storms we had this week ... up 140mph winds ... my wind chimes fell silent

Stillness returned ... 

Stillness ...
Living statues

Sitting in the heat of the day in Palma Majorca
Can you imagine sitting in the heat all day with such Stillness? I couldn't
Especially dressed in dark clothing

They've learnt the art of Stillness ... you don't even see them breathe

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Have a peaceful Sunday

Till soon 

~ Ros ~