Monday, July 03, 2017

Graduation Card

Hello there ...

Someone stole the sun... It was here yesterday but now it's gone!
My poor Ginger cat is distraught... He's been waiting in the garden just in case it returned, but gave up when the rain came, poor boy.

Tomorrow, Yes I know it's Independence Day, but it's also the day when Pat's beautiful Granddaughter, Faye, graduates. She works with Special Needs children and loves what she does!

So I made a special card for her

When I say special ... Well, what I mean is - It took ages! Lol! Stamping and masking those gulls and embossing them so I could colour them... I know you can probably do it quickly but not me...

And see that tiny tassel? Well that took 3 goes to make... I mean it's TINY! And my fingers are not, but I had it in my head to make a cap (just cut free hand) and a cap needs a tassel right?

Then I had to cover all those birds to do some blending... So yep, it's special... One thing's for sure, it won't be going in the bin anytime, if Faye doesn't keep it... like...ForEVER... Pat will whizz it! Lol!

And I STILL need to come up with something for the club this week... sigh... So I'm off to trawl my files for ideas...

Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~