Monday, August 17, 2015

Here For You

Hello there!

I've been playing around with inks... practicing sponging - what I was aiming for was a stormy sky... It's a scene that's been in my head but trying to translate it onto a card is another matter ... I am by no means a trained artist, I just try to learn as I go.

 This card isn't meant to actually cheer someone... It's more to say "hey, I know how you feel - and I'm here for you" 

I used a torn piece of paper as a mask to blend my inks and as AAA Cards has a Masking challenge 

I'm hoping that this will qualify

There are many times in life we just feel alone...tossed by the storm and that's what I was trying to capture... Maybe practice will make perfect one day

Still I'm pleased with this effort and you know, if you squint and tilt your head ... It would make a good cover for a book Lol!

Kind of funny the things that go around in one's mind  but at least I got this one out

Have a beautiful day/evening - We've had lovely sunshine here in the UK
I'll be back tomorrow for the new challenge at City Crafter, till then be safe

~ Ros ~