Saturday, October 21, 2017

Top Cat

Good morning!

Strange title huh? Well, I'll share today's card first then I'll explain as I go

Early in the year we had another cat descend upon us, maybe I mentioned her at the time. No matter how we tried to deter her she would not leave. She took over the little cosy home we had outside for Tabby cat and bullied every cat that came to visit, including my own cats. Now my Ginger boy is the most laid back cat ever and even he was scared by her! That has really given me a headache I can tell you.

We tried everything... Had her scanned for a chip, paper collared her and she was shared over Facebook by tons of people. Even posters were put up everywhere in the hope someone would know where she came from. None of the homes would take her as they were completely unindated with kittens and so here she remained. The thing is, she is so affectionate with me and longs to be cuddled all the time - She wants to be Top Cat!

But right at this moment, someone is travelling over to see her with the prospect of giving her a home ... Eeek! I am so excited - Winter is coming and it will break my heart to see her out in the cold so I'm praying that they will like her and that she will like them too. Normally she doesn't come in the house but Ginger has given up his basket to her this morning in the hope that he will get his home and garden back Lol!

I'll let you know how it goes... Keep your fingers crossed please...

Till soon

~ Ros ~