Saturday, January 04, 2014

First Birthday of 2014


How's your year going so far? 
It's very wet and cold here in the UK ... lots of flooding and severe weather warnings have been issued in many areas ... 

So today is the 4th January 2014 ... or written the American way 1/4/14 
It happens to be my wedding anniversary ... 14 years today ... If you want to see the card I made my DH you'll have to wait till Tuesday as it's also my DT project for City Crafters ...

 Today is also my blog friend Keren's birthday ... 
Happy Birthday Keren!

If you visit Keren's blog you will know that she always comes up with the most unique of CAS cards so I admit that making one for her style was a bit of a challenge ... 
I hope I managed it ...

At first glance it looks like a glassine bag covered in Liquid Pearls and filled with letters ...

...which it is ........ but pull the string attached to the star on the left and

Out pops the word Birthday

... A bit difficult to photograph but I cut out the letters to read BIRTHDAY (twice) and glued silver thread between them - took me ages
A little bit quirky but hopefully she will like it 
... And Keren ... if you're reading this and your card hasn't arrived, well, I just spoilt the surprise...Ooops!

Ok I have some of my GF's coming today ... DH is going to the match (say no more) and we are dining out this evening ... so I'll say goodbye for now

I'm back tomorrow with another photo post for Our Beautiful World

Till then 
Have a lovely day and keep safe

~ Ros ~