Thursday, August 07, 2014

Thank you kindly

Hi there ...
I hope you are well ...

I'm off to Lincoln this weekend to stay with my Aunt for a while ... I've been debating whether to take anything with me to 'play' with ... or maybe I should just take a break?

Not a lot to share today ... just a gift for a sweet blog friend who 'enables' me to get things I couldn't easily get myself... like some PTI dies one of which was the phone cover die

I had some fabric in my drawer that was just her colour but despite using an iron - on backing and lining it ... it still frayed (sigh) Thus I am calling it a Shabby Chic phone cover Lol!

Now, you may think that I could have just cut out two rectangles to make this ... and true I could have done and machine stitched it ... done in no time (with no fraying) The thing is I was hoping that I could use this as a project for my special needs group - cut out 20+ in double quick time ... and with the holes already in for them to sew it would be terrific...

Unfortunately I have discovered that the holes don't 'punch' that well even with my felt and pricking out for one is not too bad ... but for over 20 sheesh! But I'm sure I can still use this die to make gifts

I also used the Luggage Tag die to make a "Thank You" note to insert into the pouch

So Miss Sue ... this is for you ... With love

Till soon

~ Ros ~