Saturday, August 29, 2020

Just Paint and Pens

 Hello... I hope you are enjoying your weekend

I'm just popping in with a couple more cards in calming blues today - We could all do with a bit of calm right? Everything seems topsy turvy in the world

And some blue flowers...

We have these tiny blue flowers that are growing up from between the flags and I can't bring myself to pull them out... That's where this painting and a previous one came from

Doing these keeps me calm though I've also done a lot of sewing lately. I had a day of alterations... You know when you go through your wardrobe and there are things you never wear because... it's to long, the neckline isn't right, the hem needs fixing etc., etc., So I decided to fix a few things and I also made another summer top even though the summer has deserted us and during these times I don't go anywhere to wear new stuff.

Stay well and safe and have a lovely weekend

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Paint and Sketching

 Hello friends... How are you all?

I've been following the news and  if Covid wasn't enough some of you are now enduring forest fires, storms and hurricanes...  I am so sorry and hope that you and your families are safe.

It's about time I did some blogging and shared some new cards with you. I had a visit from my brother at the end of last week, we hadn't seen each other since probably January so you can imagine how good it was and it was followed up with another visit yesterday with his granddaughter Sophie tagging along. She has been desperate to visit me so we were pretty careful and had a fun day making a sock sheep and she had me laughing till I cried. Needless to say I am pretty tired today.

So here are a couple of cards I did recently

This one was pretty simple and I like the colour combination

My fineliners are running out and I was checking all my pens to see what worked best till the new ones come. Working on cardstock as opposed to watercolour card makes a big difference... The pens need to be a lot finer with card and I discovered an ordinary biro worked perfectly here

...with random paint streaks and some sparkly gold paint.

For this I  randomly put down some paint blobs and then sketched over them

The frame was cut from painted card splattered with gold sparkle which really doesn't show up here as we are sorely lacking in sunshine

I hope you like them.

Be safe and thanks so much for visiting me... Hopefully I will share more cards this week

~Ros ~



Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Under The Sea

 Hello there... How are you?

I seem to be posting less and less, I just don't know where the days are going.  I'm so used to quiet stay at home days, anything other than that is 'busy' and the past week has been just that. I had a visit from my nephew which was so lovely! I hadn't seen him since January and it was such a treat. Then a trip to the optician for my eye test and a few days later my new glasses were ready to collect. I even got to see my chiropodist - Talk about an exciting time Lol!

We had some very hot days and then the rain and storms came which to be honest I was grateful for. The trouble is, when it rains here it forgets to stop and today has been a dull wet day. A day to put aside my sewing machine and get out my paints again. They took me under the sea...

I stamped and embossed the trailing vines (upside down) and drew a few rocks... It's not easy to see but there is a bit of sparkle there as I stamped a couple of vines and embossed them with a glitter powder

And another one...

I turned it a little so you can see the sparkle

I haven't really had much inspiration but I like doing this type of card.

Thanks so much for all your kind messages following the loss of our cousin... It's hard not being able to go visit the family but so many are in the same situation - Just the times we are living in.

I hope to catch up with you all soon, till then be safe, be well

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

More Paintings

 Hey there...

It's been over a week since I posted, I've not been idle, just other things getting in the way.

We lost sadly one of our Cornish cousins last week... As you can imagine there were lots of phone calls back and forth, his sister just couldn't cope and I spent a long time trying to calm her.

Anyway I did make 3 sympathy cards but forgot to photograph them (duh) so I can't share. I also had some birthday cards to send and the one I am sharing today is for a family member. It's another kitty one and I'm entering it at 

The Flower Challenge  

Where my friend Darnell is guesting. I hope it's suitable - They don't mention hand drawn and painted flowers but I guess so

This kitty is watching the butterfly and though you can't see it I added sparkle to the flowers with a gel pen

I also have a card for the challenge at CAS Mix Up


There will be no beach holiday for us this year so I took my imagination somewhere calm and quiet... I'm totally fine with solitude

This is my first attempt at painting a palm tree and I didn't sketch anything first, I just went with it

I did use a little acrylic (white) for the sea foam and the sentiment is a digital one. This is where I'd like to be right now...

I hope you are all keeping well and safe... Thanks so much for popping in

~ Ros ~

Monday, August 03, 2020

Anniversary and NBUS

Hello...Happy August to you

How the time is flying by... Did you have a good weekend? I got out my sewing machine and made two new blouses and spent a little time in the garden

Thank you so much for your comments and your kind wishes for DH... he is touched by your concern. He is doing fine, his GP has arranged tests and we are waiting for a 24hr heart monitor, though the paramedics that attended said he had the heart of an athlete - He puffed up like a peacock then I can tell you Lol!

So today I have two cards... This one is an anniversary card for friends

Shiny things are so hard to photograph and this one has foiling along with  some watercolour leaves,  flowers and a little heart

See, shiny...

The second card I'm sharing at Darnell's NBUS challenge

The lovely horse and foal stamp is by Lavinia and I have never inked it up before but I thought one of my watercolour backgrounds would be a good place for them

After stamping those lovelies together with some hanging branches, I needed to ground them so I painted a curvy line to give it the appearance that they are standing near a lake...
This card really gives me a peaceful feeling

Well, the sun has finally come out after a very wet start this morning, it always pours down when DH goes golfing and by time he gets home the weather has improved...

Have a great day and take care

~ Ros ~