Sunday, September 29, 2013


Happy Sunday!

My DH is off to Spain today ... a golfing trip ... I'm hoping to catch up with an old friend tomorrow and I have lots of craft things to prepare for Thursday club this week so the time will pass quickly ...

Today is the start of a new prompt at 

I got to choose the prompt this week and I chose

This is the photo I posted on the blog - taken in Gibraltar

The family of apes that live on the rock are a close family ... always together and very cheeky! You have to watch yourself and your possessions
There were lots of Mums with their babies ...

But the photo that made me pick the prompt was one I took here at home ... unfortunately it's quite blurred as I took it quickly from a distance not to scare the "Together" couple - so I apologise for the poor quality

A fun shot from Gibraltar was these two guys ... working Together to create the illusion

And this one I took in Lisbon last year ...

It's the monument of Discoveries ... Prince Henry (The Navigator) stands at the forefront of the ship like monument - a tribute to all the explorers who sailed from here on their 'voyages of discovery' 
"Together" the statues of crusaders, monks and other notable people including Vasco De Gama and Magellan stand ... I still remember learning about these people at school but never thought I'd ever visit their land ...

And a final shot I took in Cornwall 

Birds of a feather flock Together

Together can be so many things ... I'd love to see what it is to you in your part of the world
Come and  share your photos with us at

And have a lovely Sunday

~ Ros ~