Monday, May 09, 2016

A bit of a let down

Hello there... 

This post is really just about my holiday so please feel free to skip it if you wish - It's just easier for me to write a post than email those of you who ask how things went

So early last year we stayed in a gorgeous hotel in a part of Majorca called Camp de Mar - I loved everything about this place, and the location, even though the weather let us down. I really wanted to revisit it but DH suggested we try another hotel in the same area...One we had noticed it when we were there and to be fair, it did look inviting so I agreed. 

Trying to organise the dates, flights etc., took me over 4 hours on the computer and before I clicked to book anything I got DH to sit with me and make sure I had the right Hotel etc., He assured me it was the right one and so we booked. We arrived in the evening and it was dark ... getting through security is another story but I'll save that one ... Anyway's... On arrival at our hotel, nothing looked familiar to me but it was late, I was tired and my head ached from listening to a child who screamed the whole flight. All would be better in the morning...

We woke to glorious sunshine and a beautiful blue sea - This was the view from our 9th floor room

I'd never noticed a little beach there before

Nothing looked familiar... where was the lovely square full of street cafes and shops and what are those buildings? I'd reasoned that were were facing a different direction in an older part of the hotel...But something wasn't right

Even so we decided to take the local bus to Andraxt market held once a week ... Except that there was no local bus... In fact we were miles away ... DH had got the wrong hotel and wrong place! We were in a place called Calvia and the only transport was a taxi ride which was 25 euros each way...
Shamefaced DH agreed to pay so that at least we could have a good day, and it was. It was warm and sunny and by late afternoon the sun still shone though it was cool as we took a stroll

I decided to make the most of things and planned to relax around the pool with a good book for the rest of the week, even booked a boat trip - but the weather had other ideas

Down came the rain and the wind whipped up the sea... It was sooo cold
We took taxis to other more sheltered places that were at least a little warmer

Even though the beaches were empty, we warmed up with coffee

 And the boat trip?

Was I glad I had taken my raincoat!

To be continued ... sometime

Have a good day

~ Ros ~