Sunday, April 17, 2016


Hello and good morning friends

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I got to choose the prompt this week and it's

I love books...I have lots of the box kind like above that house some of the many little books albums I make

I have old books, the pages worn and yellow like this one

Notice the price on there? 3/6 Three shillings and sixpence... And it's full of funny and strange little poems

But it's special because I was awarded this more than 50 years ago for the art of speaking verse
This is another one I was awarded at church

 again over 50 years ago, I was so thrilled taking these home

I know many people use Kindle but to me there is nothing like a real book and once quite by chance I came across this book that was a revelation.....

Why? Because inside was a family tree... MY family tree...On my father's side

Evelyn Beatrice Bartley was my Aunt and my Father's mother ...Having been put in an orphanage when they were aged 9 and 11... Neither knew their full background until I found this - It even had photos

I was able to contact the author and find family living in Australia ...

I know many of you fear altering a book but to me even the old discarded and unwanted can be given a new lease of life

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~ Ros ~