Sunday, March 28, 2021

More Easter Cards

 Hello friends

Here we are on the first day of Spring and it's raining and windy...Never mind, I'm optimistic that the days will get better.

I've some more Easter cards to share, normally my friends and I don't send Easter cards but we aren't living in normal times so it's my way of saying I'm thinking of you...
And given that it's Easter, it wouldn't be fair not to include some of my ducks now would it, so I drew and painted a couple
This one is a slider (as per Jennifer McGuire) and has an open front window
 No acetate was needed and when the card is open it looks like this

The second one also has an open window but it's not a slider

and the inside...

And finally...

... An Easter bunny card

That's me for today... I hope you enjoy your Sunday 

~ Ros ~