Monday, March 23, 2020


How's quarantine going?
It was Mother's day here yesterday - Maybe not the Mother's Day we normally expect but hey.. We can celebrate all year right? 

When I had dogs, I would often walk them at a place called Pickering's Pasture... A short drive away where the river runs alongside the pastures and in the summer months, the pastures were filled with wildflowers...I tried to capture them in this painting

 Hubby and I drove down there yesterday - We are doing our utmost to stay safe but I think he's a little stir crazy so I made a flask of tea, the idea being that we could just sit in the car and chill but when we arrived the place was literally heaving with people all walking about and socializing like it was a holiday period. There were families, dog walkers, cyclists and many over 70's. I cannot believe the ignorance and selfish attitude of these morons.... 

I am scared but painting helps to keep me calm and I really, really hope that life can soon get back to normal and I'll be able to see those wildflowers once more

Thinking of you all and sending hugs 

~ Ros ~