Sunday, August 14, 2016


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is Bridge, chosen for us by Kirsty

I took this on my phone so it's not a marvellous shot, but it's The Runcorn bridge which is only a few miles from me and links us to the other side of the River Mersey... A new bridge is being built right now and it is causing havoc with motorists but once it is finished it should alleviate a lot of congestion... though it will be a toll bridge...

It's funny how many bridges I did find going through my photos... Some were taken abroad like this one in Andratx Majorca

And this one is in Lisbon, carrying cars on top and trains below

The next little one is in Flam in Norway

They have larger bridges too in Norway like this one in Stavanger

and many of them just disappear into the mountains where roads have been built, Aesthetically Norway is so clean and pretty with no sign of pylons or anything that would mar the beauty of the scenery hence many roads go through the mountains and not around the mountains

By contrast here's a wooden bridge that goes from the beach to a lovely restaurant in the sea in Majorca

But here in the UK we have lots of bridges, some are very old and picturesque

This was taken many years ago when my husband and I stayed in Matlock Derbyshire ... It's a beautiful place and very dog friendly! The bridge is the Jubilee Bridge... For Queen Victoria ... dated 1887
And if you've ever travelled to Worcester to the River Severn you may have come across this bridge

Bewdley Bridge opened in 1798... It's so pretty and the swans love it too

Then there's Whitney Bridge in Herefordshire

In the Peak District the scenery is beautiful and wonderful for walkers and hikers and you often come across little bridges like this one across the many streams that flow

So there you have it ... My shots of bridges... If you have one that you'd like to share, link up with us at

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