Thursday, July 06, 2017

Cats & Critters


Cats & Critters?  Well here we go...

First off here's my my latest crochet creation (I'm really enjoying this new hobby) A lovey I made for my hubbies little Granddaughter Felicity

It's supposed to be a cat - I'm told she loves cats and I'm pretty pleased with this attempt

I hope she likes it too

Still on the subject of cats, a few months ago another one turned up here and refuses to leave.
She has now taken over Tabby's home...

Trouble is, she fights with all the visitors and terrorises Missy... although she is extremely friendly with us. I'm waiting for someone to come and scan her for a chip, but I have a feeling she may belong to one of the neighbours and if that is the case, I doubt we can deter her. Now, anyone that has cats knows that not feeding them doesn't mean they will go away... This one will just find a way into the house for food, and when she first came she was starving...
Well, Monday a baby hedgehog decided to visit too... In the middle of the afternoon if you please! Sure enough the new cat chased after it and trapped it, thank goodness we saw it

Mikey got the cat whilst I got the hedgehog and put it safely back into the wooded area behind our home

I tell 'ya, it's all go here and the very same evening would you believe we had a visit from a fox! God only knows how that managed to get into the garden!

Who ever said retirement was easy, doesn't live here! Lol!

And I'm working tonight with my group so it's going to be a long day!

I hope you all have a good one

Till soon

~ Ros ~