Sunday, March 15, 2015

Go Ahead...Make My Day

It's Mothering Sunday here in the UK so Happy Mother's day to you all!

It's also time for a new prompt over at Our Beautiful World

Robyn has chosen this week's prompt 
"Go Ahead... Make My Day"

Robyn is looking for photos of what make's your day ...

You may wonder about this photo ... Well that hat and fleece is a sign that my DH is off to play golf which means I get to play in peace Lol!
Friday is one of his golfing days and usually my friend Pat comes over for the afternoon to play in my craft room ... a great way to end the week

Other things that make my day.....
Summer days when I can relax in the garden ... They seem few and far between

The pitter patter of rain on fresh green leaves and the scent that lingers after a summer rainfall

Young birds who come to feed and occasionally stop to look in on me

Relaxing on a warm beach with the gentle sound of waves lapping and the glisten of the crystal water 

What makes your day?
Care to share with us at Our Beautiful World?

Have a beautiful day my friends


~ Ros ~