Sunday, November 15, 2020

Computer Blues...

Good morning... 

I had hoped to post yesterday but my computer got the blues, it happens. It's always a mystery why something works fine one day and the next day it doesn't... I wonder what goes on in the night?

 Hubby and I have exhausted Netflix and Amazon since this whole pandemic started. We tend to snuggle down these dark evenings and love to watch either a Scandi or French thriller series but alas, we have done them all so last night we watched a 2013 film with Brad Pitt about a pandemic would you believe, only this one caused people to become zombies... I guess there's always something to be grateful for even in the midst of Covid.

 I have been quite busy making cards this past week, inspiration paid me a visit. They're mostly Christmas cards but today I am sharing the birthday card I made for my brother Rick and just one Christmas card I made ages ago but didn't share

Here's Rick's card

You can probably guess that he too loves drone flying so I found a free image on the internet to add to my scene

If you look at the first image you'll see a little shiny texture to the drone... Well here's a tip that may (or may not work) for you... When I printed the drone off my computer the ink was still wet so I sprinkled clear E/P on it and heat set it and voila! Who knew?
Actually I had a Canon printer that I really loved but last year it died on me so I had to replace it... I couldn't get the same one so opted for a newer version but I hate this one and it hates me too I think.. Why do companies do updated models that are nowhere near as good as the originals?? 

My Christmas card

I've done more ink blending this week and even some watercolour cards that I'll share later this week

Before I go, and you probably need a cup of coffee right now - I do, I'm adding a link to another one of Ron's videos  "Red Rocks" a place on the opposite side of the river Mersey to me.  The background to this is that when we were little children and still a family, our Dad took us here to play on the beach and the rocks, a special memory. The rocks stood high then but over time they have virtually eroded unlike our memories...

Take care my friends

~ Ros ~