Thursday, November 18, 2021


Hello there...I hope this finds you well 

I've a few minute to spare before I cook dinner so I thought I'd pop in and share a few things

I'm still sketching, painting and sewing so first up a couple of Christmas cards with my sketched and painted penguin

I haven't put a sentiment on this one, maybe I will later

I think he's quite a cutie... And the second one

...with his own little tree


As for the sewing, well, I thought you'd like to see my last makes

This tunic top was made using a PDF freebie which was for a dress with a swirl skirt (not me) but just using the top part I've adapted it to make a few different tops and tunics

Unfortunately the colour doesn't show too well, it's more of a pale green and it's stretch fabric with a soft fleece type underside

The flower spray was a buy from Aliexpress and I had to hand sew it using invisible thread which was a nightmare I can tell you, but I think it was worth it.

The next one is a fleece coat, I used the same pattern I had for my dressing gown

It looks a lot nicer on and is really cosy with side pockets and double layered hood.

The weather here has remained quite mild now I have all these warm things to wear - Always the way.

Anyway I hope you like my makes

Be safe my friends...

~ Ros ~