Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Not So Perfect Pearls

Well hello... Bet you thought I'd left blogland

I have no idea where the time has gone, but trust me this week has just been filled with appointments of one sort or another including a visit to a rescue centre to get another kitty for my friend.
June has been a whirlwind with today being the only sunny day we've had and instead of taking full advantage I had a lunch meeting with my friends and then decided to try and make a card for the 

Perfect Pearls... Or in my case, not so perfect...  
I knew that somewhere in this craft room of mine that also includes all my sewing stuff and just about anything and everything, I did have a pot of Perfect Pearls. Lord knows how long ago I got them or indeed when I ever used them, but eventually I found a small pot of silvery pearls. 

Well this is going to be my first and last card using the stuff I can promise you that...We just don't get on together and the cat jumping on the desk did not help. After several attempts on various backgrounds I went with black cardstock

Hardly visible huh? It is there and it took  forever to get a decent photo ... This one is probably better

I tried at least, but I did struggle to clean off the excess without rubbing out the stenciling. My cat has a lovely sheen though as does everything else in here

I'm now going to cook dinner and have a very large G&T....

Till next time ... 

~ Ros ~