Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Dew Covered Mushrooms

 Hi there... How are you?

I took a trip to the local shops earlier and it left me fuming! I was queuing at a checkout obviously distancing and put my heavy basket down whilst the woman in front who was NOT wearing a mask, packed up her stuff. There was more than a meter between us and I was behind the markings when suddenly the checkout operator shouted rather loudly to me "make sure you don't cross the line". When I got to the till I asked her why she felt it necessary to shout at me and yet not say anything to the person before me not wearing a mask and the others in the queue not wearing masks or distancing - Her reply? "Well we're not allowed to say anything in case we get abuse" I REALLY despair of people...

Anyway... Lets talk about something else like my sketched and painted card today

Another bunch of mushrooms complete with dew and a little spider web

My brother once made a remark on asking him where his wife had gone that day... He said "I don't know, I'm just a mushroom" When I asked what he meant he said "I'm always kept in the dark" Lol!

I mentioned a logo I did for a family member in my last post - She's starting up a cleaning business and asked for something whimsical with a mop and bucket and I can now share what I came up with

She's had all the cards and flyers printed and is delighted.

 Have yourselves a lovely day, thanks for stopping by and for all your encouraging comments

~ Ros ~