Thursday, April 28, 2022

A Few more...

 Hello friends... Hope you are doing well

I'm keeping busy, and have a few more cards to share

A while ago I bought some wrapping paper for a friend's birthday gift... I just loved the marble effect and kept a piece back to use up hence thes cards

The flowers are my own painted ones on both cards

This one is the negative leftover from cutting those leaves (couldn't bear to waste it)

I haven't added sentiments yet, I'll wait until they are needed

Short and sweet today... Stay well
~ Ros ~

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Here we go..

 Hello and good morning from a sunny Liverpool
I hope this finds you well...

I put on my card making head yesterday and finally have some to share with you. They mostly include some of my painted pieces that I had saved

This is one for a friend's birthday and I love the colours here

The flowers were painted a few years ago and somehow I managed to fussy cut them - It's weird but some days my hands work better than others, some days I can't hold anything let alone cut with scissors

And another card using one of my painted flowers

I'm so glad I kept those flowers... they look better fussy cut

And one more...

I used one of my circle dies to pour the micro beads into once I'd added glue to the centre of the flower and it worked, well, there were still quite a few on the floor.

I went to my exercise class yesterday and just seeing the ladies and having a giggle worked wonders... not to mention the stretching. I'm not ready to give up yet.

I saw this on Facebook and it made me laugh... DH and I often sit on the garden swing (him in his baseball cap) discussing what needs doing in the garden. I do wear a grey arthritis glove on my hand and I do have to take Ibuprofen

Have a lovely day friends... 

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


 Hello there... How are you?

I'm so sorry I haven't been visiting you and I don't have any cards to share yet but I wanted to give you an update on things. DH has got over his heart attack, though he remains anxious but is doing fine really. He's 9 years older than me so I still have quite a bit to deal with as he doesn't always cope with things. 
As for me, I've now lost the sensation in my left hand, though thankfully unlike the right arm hand and neck, it doesn't cause me much pain.

Well this morning I had my first appointment at the neuro centre and with Mikey alongside of me we listened to what the doctor had to say. I had hoped that with surgery, I would regain the feeling etc., in my hands, something similar to the lower spine surgery I had. Sadly this is not the case. Whilst there may be a small chance it will improve, it's more likely the damage to the nerves is permanent. Surgery can only halt the progression. It wasn't what I wanted or expected to hear...

I couldn't bear the thought of not being able to use my hands at all and do all the things that I love and as the doctor said, better to do what I love badly than never be able to do it at all. Even badly is frustrating for me but I continue to try. So I have opted for surgery I am now waiting to see a consultant in the forth coming weeks. 

In the meantime I have continued trying to sew - even got hubby to thread the needles and hold things. I get brain fog a lot and that doesn't help. I've also had to resort to having help around the house and Sue (the neice of my BF Beryl who passed away a few years ago) comes over once a week. She needs the money and I need the help so it's a win win, plus we get to chat a lot. I managed to make 5 bunny bags for 5 of her 6 granddaughters for Easter..

As a surprise I also made her a little black bag that she wanted and though my sewing is far from perfect and it takes me a long time, she was thrilled with it

I won't give up and I am even going to attempt some painting again, even if it is badly Lol!

Friends have been amazing and thank you all for the lovely cards and wishes. I got to go to lunch twice last week. A monthly meet with my 2 GF's and the keep fit class also had a belated get together lunch which was held at my DH's golf club so he had a word before hand with the staff who kindly helped me so I didn't have to struggle carrying anything.

I know there are worse things going on in the world and I am so lucky to have my friends here and in blogland to encourage me and allow me to share.

Sending hugs to you all

~ Ros ~