Monday, June 26, 2017

Ballerina Bunny

How was your weekend?

The heatwave has ended here and at last I'm getting some sleep at night. I'm still struggling from the trapped nerves in my back but even that is not as bad... 
We had a lovely weekend, we went into the countryside on Saturday, had a pub lunch 

...and then strolled around the lovely town of Nantwich. You can probably tell that the weather was not that sunny by the lack of people outside, but it's very lush all around

Yesterday I had a relaxing day doing some crocheting in the conservatory with the cats curled up next to me... I'm really enjoying learning this craft, and my Aunt loves the fact that we are both learning the same thing and can pick up the phone and chat about it.

 Meet my latest attempt - Ballerina bunny

Cute huh?

I have some projects to prepare for my group but crocheting gives me a little break from papercrafting.

I hope you're having a good day...


~ Ros ~