Thursday, February 25, 2021

Introducing Eugene

 Hello how are you?

A day can make a big difference, I've gone from no inspiration to making up a lot of things to share. 

Today, however, I'm introducing you to a new visitor in Puddle Brook where there is great excitement... In a few days Esmeralda is getting married to Eugene a French Canadian member of the Airforce who was posted near Puddle Brook 6 months ago. It was love at first sight for both of them after he rescued her from a freak snow storm way back in September. As their love grew so did their trepidation at being separated... What if he was posted back home?

Eugene couldn't bear the thought, so on Valentine's Day,  he flew his sweetheart to Paris where he proposed... Of course Esmeralda had no hesitation in saying Yes... His good looks, his accent and the way he calls her ''Mon petit chou" makes her go weak at the knees.

She keeps this photo where he wrote "love you xxx" and all the little memories of that special day in Paris, right next to her bed.

This week Eugene's parents are flying in from Canada and the two families will enjoy a get together before the big day.

And of course for the honeymoon they will be flying back to Paris.

Don't you just love a happy story? 

I'll introduce you to Eugene's parents Claude and Julia (pronounced shoo..lia) in my next post.

Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~