Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Little Birds

Hello friends...

Still not much sunshine in my neck of the woods and still isolating here, though I did get to go out for a little drive on Sunday. It's weird, I liked being out and seeing the world beyond my own front door, yet it was alarming seeing people congregating, no social distancing, no masks, kids in crowds...

Anyway, I have some painted bird cards to share today... These will also be posted, well I can't keep them all can I? 

This is a birthday card for a lifelong friend who lives in NJ and has been working constantly in the health sector caring for elderly patients. Only recently she was given full PPE and I am so glad that she is safe

The next ones I'm sending to blog friends

"Hello Friend"

I still love using blues and greens

But no two birds are ever the same... Sometimes I sketch one easily and sometimes I don't

See he's completely different, but that's okay

With all the horror going on in this world, it's just nice to get lost in something creative

Stay safe and well and enjoy your day

~ Ros ~