Sunday, August 11, 2019

Stencil Challenge Disaster

Hello there...

So I decided to make a card for this months challenge at CAS Stencil

And it turned into a bit of a disaster...

Here's the card that I came up with, though I'm not that enamored with the result of the stenciling...

It's kind of fuzzy... Maybe because I just used ordinary cardstock 

I used a couple of Vibez ink sprays which have a sort of sheen to them

The card is for hubby's DIL who is having a gall bladder operation today so I hope it will cheer her up a little.

So what happened was, I got out the sprays, card and stencil and as I was wearing a new white blouse, I took the precaution of placing the card with the stencil into a box before spraying.
Well the first spray was fine but the second one for some reason splattered right back at me and yep, all over my new blouse. 
The thing is, I bought a blouse a few years ago that I really loved... over time of course it lost that whiteness being a delicate fabric and I was bummed. Then I saw the exact same one, brand new on Ebay a size bigger than I needed, but I bought it anyway thinking I could alter it. It hung in my room for about a month till I finally made the alterations and I was delighted with the result, then disaster. 
I tried various things to get out the marks and some did fade but not all so that's the end of that. 
Things happen

Before I go... Some of you have left comments and asked me questions... Unfortunately I'm unable to reply if you have 'noreply' on your blog so can you either change that status or please email me.

I hope your day is going well, thanks for stopping by

Till soon

~ Ros ~