Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sweet Blog Friends ...

... You REALLY are Special...
I am so overwhelmed by your kind wishes ... I know not everyone is an animal person ... and not everyone likes cats ... But I so appreciate your words
Gispy has still not returned and last night was a very cold night which makes it all the more upsetting.
I rang the vet yesterday ... just in case someone found her injured ... and I guess it's a good thing that they said she hadn't been brought in ... I rang the RSPCA ... they gave a number of someone just a few roads away who had reported a black cat hanging around for a couple of days ... of course we went straight there ... but it wasn't my Gipsy 

Every evening when the garden light is activated ... we run to the door ... It's just the hedgehogs coming for food ... Every morning Macy is waiting, followed by Teddy and then Ginger ... But no Gispy 
I'm keeping my hopes high that she is lolling in front of someone else's roaring fire and your kindness help a lot ... Thank you!

I showed you a card and necklace I made for my friend yesterday and thought you may like to see the little package for the necklace ... 

This is cut on my Cameo and is really a card and pocket ... but it works well to hold the necklace

I embossed the insert and cut little slits to hold the chain

I printed the digital paper straight onto the card before cutting ... then printed a HA digital Birthday stamp to stitch on top

Just goes to show that you can use pockets for jewellery too

While my hubby goes to the match today I'll be catching up with my friend and delivering her card and gifts ...

I hope you have a lovely weekend ... Thanks again for your lovely comments and kind wishes ... maybe I'll have something good to report next time

Till soon

~ Ros ~