Sunday, February 02, 2014


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The prompt is Repetition ...Chosen for us by Wendy

 I for one am so fed up with the repetition of cold cold cold ... I long to be somewhere warmer
Fancy a trip with me? Admiring the repetitive patterns along the way

We could do a little shopping in Italy ...

Or perhaps walk along the harbour in Palma

Lagos in Portugal has the prettiest promenade with plenty of little bars to stop at

...But there's nothing like taking off your shoes and feeling the board walk under your feet - I know this lovely place called Porto Petro ... so peaceful

If it gets a little hot we could walk in the shade of the arches

... explore a little

... Or we could sit and whilst cooling our feet on that stunning marbled floor, admire the repetitive patterned gate of the Born Hotel Palma... once a 16th century Palace belonging to the Marquis of Farrendell ... 

Maybe find time do a little sailing on the ocean ... don't you just love those boards - spick and span and shipshape!

And the repetitive "woosh" sound as the ship sails along...

Then we could go back to the hotel in Mijas

... and repeat the process tomorrow

Sometimes repetition is good!

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Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~