Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Getting into Christmas

Hello ...

I'm making more Christmas cards recently ... I don't know about you but sometimes I find the transition from making Christmas projects back to making birthday projects a little difficult ... so right now I'm in Christmas mode and I thought I link my card up with those lovely ladies at
Jingle Belles Rock
where the theme is the Great Outdoors

Having sponged and stencilled I die cut the bottom half and left it slightly wider than my card to give it that curved effect

Of course I gave no consideration as to how this would go into an envelope Lol! But who cares ... I just like it ...

I'm hoping you can see the glitter on those stars ... It's certainly all over my craft space and just about everything else ... Ginger cat is positively sparkling! And no one goes home from here without taking a little with them... whether they want to or not Lol!

I hope your week is sparkling ...


~ Ros ~