Friday, August 27, 2021

Fox and Donkey

 Hello there...

How's your week been? Not much good news is there... Honesty I'm just happy to stay home and enjoy my hobbies. 

This week I've been trying to draw more animals.. namely a fox and a donkey. For some reason I found it really hard to draw a lifelike fox, let alone paint one but I'll share the result anyway

What do you think? Am I convincing you that it's a fox? 

And then the my little donkey...

I've a thing about eyes... They are the soul and they tell the story. They can bring a picture to life... or not
I always think donkeys have sad but gentle eyes - My donkey is a happy little one though,  he's well looked after.

Either way, I much prefer to live in the world of animals whether it be sketching, painting or just enjoying my own pets. 

Have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Monday, August 23, 2021

The Owl and the Pussy Cat (no boat in sight)

 Good morning friends...

Did you have a good weekend? The rain held off a little here which was good as we travelled to Derbyshire to visit DH's eldest son, DIL and granddaughter. They moved house this year and live in a quaint little village and their daughter is gorgeous! We really enjoyed our visit...

August has been a complete wash out here with more rain than we deserve and I'm grateful for my hobbies... I couldn't imagine not having something to do. Today I have 2 more painting for you 

The owl...

I saw a photograph of an owl peeking around a wall and that was my inspiration...This of course is only a youngster and a little shy... Took me quite awhile to do this and I'm hoping he looks like an owl to you

We often hear the owls at night in our trees  but I've never yet seen one...

The pussy cat...

I had a grey cat when I was little and I got 2 kittens for my son when he was little, Lucy who was also grey and her sister Lisa who was all black. We had them for 16 years and Lucy was a real character who was very attached to both our GSD's... One evening Lucy went out in the garden and we never saw her again. We searched for weeks, posted flyers etc., but to no avail. It was the not knowing that haunted us. 

This is how I remember her, sitting watching the birds but never able to catch one thank goodness.

Funny, never did I think that one day I would be able to paint her

Thanks so much for your visit and for all your wonderful messages regarding Ross

Have a wonderful week

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

When Dreams Come True....

 Hello again....

I have some amazing news to tell you but first a card using a never before tried technique of stamping through a stencil which is this months challenge over at the  CAS Mix Up

And my card...

I honestly hadn't intended to enter this one but I needed another guy card so I used a mountain stencil and a favourite postal stamp which I've had for years... 

As you can see I did a few 'layers' of mountains and then re-positioned the stencil to stamp and emboss the postal stamp. A little bit of dottie tape and another sentiment and it's good to go... Where to?
Well that's the amazing news...
I told you in my previous post that Ross had passed his exams despite all odds and yesterday his dream came true... He has always been interested in all things space related and believe me there is nothing that boy can't tell you,  he's even been known to correct his teachers on the facts. Well, a couple of days ago he got an interview at Stafford Uni and following that he took a call from Collins Aerospace who were so blown away by his knowledge (their words) that they have offered him a 4 year engineering degree apprenticeship!!
To say I am ecstatic is an understatement, I have cried buckets. With all his disabilities as well as losing his Dad when he was only 3, Ross has defied the odds and never gave up on his dream and obtained one of only 10 places available in the whole of the UK.
So this is another card for him, I am feeling so blessed right now, and just had to let you know.

I need a tissue...

Monday, August 16, 2021

A Camel load of Wishes

 Hello friends...I hope you are well.

It's been a busy week here and though work has been completed in the garden, it's been too cold (or wet) to sit and enjoy it.

We did go to our friends' celebration but it got so cold we left pretty early. It was good to see old friends and catch up and then we discovered that our friend's daughter tested positive for Covid the next day... Yikes! Fortunately we didn't have any close  contact - we were with the "oldies"and we've both since tested negative but will continue to test (just in case). Thankfully the new rules say we don't have to self isolate as we are double vaccinated, not that we have much contact with others anyway and still continue to mask up if we need to go out. Fingers crossed we will all be okay.

The good news is the reason for today's card.
My great nephew Ross  passed his 'A' Levels with 2 B's and a C. I am over the moon! You may remember that he has Moebius syndrome but his many disabilities have never held him back - his Dad would have been so very proud of him. 
I pondered over what to make and maybe it's a bit unusual but here we go...

I saw a camel on a free colouring page and it just appealed to me. I took out the background and traced the outline image so I could get to work with my watercolours

I thought it needed a little something else so added a leaf branch, and computer generated the sentiment
I kinda like him.. Does that make me weird? Lol!
Anyway I hope Ross is amused.

Have a peaceful day and thank you for your visit...
Till soon

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


 Hello there... I hope you are all well

I haven't been around for awhile, life sometimes gets in the way and the days go so fast. 
Thankfully my friend is out of hospital and is scheduled for surgery at the end of the month so all being well, the 50th celebration will be going ahead this weekend. As it happens it has rained most days and last weekend was particularly bad so here's hoping this weekend will be better.

Today I've a couple of painting to share... I do a lot but never seem to get around to making them into cards, anyways

Sometimes things can get a little stressful, DH relies on me a lot so painting something calm makes me calm

And I never tire of painting little mushrooms or flowers

... I'm always trying to improve on the last ones

I hope you like them

I will endeavour to get around to visiting you all soon... Be safe and enjoy your day

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Feel Better Soon

 I'm late posting today... Been for lunch with my GF's and really enjoyed it. 
For the first time in a long time I put on my sparkly summer wedges, but after an hour I reverted back to my flat sandals Lol!

I've sent three 'feel better soon' cards in as many days...  In my last post I shared a 50th wedding anniversary card for our friends - We were due to celebrate with them this weekend but unfortunately my friend Marge was rushed into hospital with gall bladder problems and is still there. They have never been apart for any length of time since they were 14 and I feel for them both. I made a quick card for her and hope at least it will cheer her a little

I sketched this first and then loosely painted it...
What I forgot to photograph was the envelope... I made one from DP and painted the same flower on it.
The weather forecast for this weekend is pretty horrid so it's just as well that the party is postponed as it was to be a garden party. 
Hopefully my friend will soon feel better and be able to enjoy a belated celebration.

I hope you are having a good week... Take care

Till soon

~ Ros